The Rambutan fruit is probably the most exotic fruits on this planet. It really is indigenous to Vietnam however is often grown all through Southeast Asia. The fresh fruit is oval-shaped and also roughly 1 – 2 inches lengthy. It features a slim, leather like skin engrossed in several tubercles that seem like spines having a curve in the tip.

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The fruit’s exterior skin differs from greenish-yellow to orange or even crimson. Visually, the fruit looks like a little sea urchin. Inside, the juicy flesh is generally white or even rose-tinted and also sticks to the ovoid seed.

The Rambutan is really a fruit cultivated mostly in Southeast Asia, and is also cousin towards the longan and the lychee. It develops on trees which are 10-20 feet (3.05-6.1 m) higher. The trees usually are prized in landscaping since they’re evergreens. The rambutan generates two crops every year, a smaller crop in mid-spring along with a bigger crop at the end of fall. Not every rambutan trees generate crops, simply because several trees usually are male. Several trees are hermaphrodites, producing both female and male flowers, while some are entirely female. The hermaphrodite tree is the most prized. The blossoms on the rambutan have got a fairly sweet aroma and therefore are usually utilized in flower bouquets.

They’re white or even green in color, plus some variation exists in between the female and male flower. Cross-pollination is essential in female trees, or even the tree will generate no fruit. However, bees are enticed by the quality of nectar within rambutan blooms, so this usually presents no large problem within a big orchard.

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