The longan fruit (organic title euphoria langana), also referred to as Euphoria fruit, is really a aromatic, delicious and also fairly sweet fresh fruit, which is simple to consume. It just has one particular seed which is black in color. As soon as the longans are usually fresh, they’ve got a leather like light brown skin, which usually alters its color to brown lightly because of age or perhaps alterations in environmental surroundings.

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This kind of fruit is extremely preferred in China and is also recognized by its regional title pinyin, which suggests ‘dragon eye’ since the place where the pit or even seed is situated looks like an eye. Longan in addition develops in Southeast Asian countries just like Vietnam.

The fruit month are in between mid and also late summer and is also gathered soon after lychee. The longan tree produces fruits in groups, twice yearly i.e. ending of the dry season and throughout late summer time.

The longan is indigenous to China and also Southeast Asia and is also known as the lychee’s little brother. It’s got sensitive whitish and also transparent flesh which has a musky, grape flavor which is more gratifying than the usual lychee, encasing a tiny brown seed and also engrossed in pale brown and fragile skin. The longan is simply a tiny bigger than an olive and isn’t quite as succulent like a lychee. The Chinese title indicates “dragon’s eye”. The fruit of the longan tree ripens just a little later than the lychee and it’s also capable to develop at reduced temperature ranges and is also significantly less demanding regarding its developing situations.

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